5 fun ways to propose to avoid a refuse

  • 08, 02, 2018
  •  Marriage Advice 
  • Deciding that you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner and that you want to pop up the big question is an amazing and exciting moment of your life that you want to capture in an unforgettable memory that you will both tell your grandchildren about when you are going to be old. However, since your head is filled with a lot of love and emotions you might be a little confused about how to do it so we have prepared a list for you with five fun and breathtaking ways to propose to your soulmate.

    1.      Flash mob

    This way of proposing is not super fun and exciting just for you two, but also for everyone that is involved in the whole organizing process. Set up a gathering with all your friends and family members, both yours and your partner’s, and ask them to help you with this idea. Try to remember the song that was playing that day when you two met and create a choreography with everyone on it. Design signs with letters that create the big question and take your loved one to the agreed location where the flash mob will take place, at the right time to enjoy the show that you and the closest people in both your lives have created.

    2.      Karaoke song

    Write a song with meaningful lyrics for both of you that ends with the question you are so eager to ask. If you have a beautiful voice or not is not relevant anymore because your partner already loves you, so plan to go out for a karaoke night with all your friends and family and sing it out loud on the stage to show your soulmate how much you want to spend the rest of your life with him or her.

    3.      Up in the air

    Earth proposals are so overrated by now, aren’t they? So, take your loved one up in the air for a flight with a Pennine helicopter with the pretext of your anniversary and ask the crucial question when you reach the sky. They cannot really say “no” when the ground is so far away, can they?

    4.      Favorite artist

    If you about know how much your partner likes an artist wait for an event of her or his idol and propose there. If you can find the right person to talk with, maybe the artist himself or herself can help you with it and invite you both on the stage or ask for your couple song to be played on the background.

    5.      Guess the clue

    Make your proposal to look like one of Sherlock’s investigation. Find an inventive game with notes and clues related to memories and meaningful things for you two and lead your soulmate to the location where she or he can find you standing in one knee, ready to ask if the decisive question about your future together.


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